Pools by Julia Morgan

The talented architect of our beautiful venue was quite the woman of her day and her buildings live on in present day for us all to cherish.

Julia Morgan became a master builder of innovative, elegant pools that were expressions of women’s expanding freedom. The pools and recreational areas that Morgan built became the most important aspects of the spaces she created.


Our beautiful Julia Morgan pool

Julia Morgan was an expert pool builder. Perhaps her most famous and opulent pools were built at William Randolph Hearst’s San Simeon with both the Neptune Pool and the Roman Pool.


Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle


Roman Pool at Hearst Castle

Morgan designed fifteen YWCA buildings and she became known for her expertise at pool building. The YWCA promoted women’s fitness and health and they included gymnasiums and swimming pools in most of their buildings.

Sadly, many of Julia Morgan’s pools have been demolished or filled in over the years.

Riverside’s YWCA is now an art museum and the pool has been filled in. The San Jose and Long Beach YWCA’s and pools have been demolished. The pool at the YWCA Morgan House in San Pedro was filled in. The Pasadena YWCA, after decades of abandonment, was recently purchased by the City and it will be converted into a luxury hotel.

Pasadena YWCA

What will become of this pool at the Pasadena YWCA? Will it become part of the luxury hotel, be filled in or sadly, demolished?

The Berkeley City Club is so fortunate to have a beautiful, intact, Julia Morgan swimming pool.

“Thank you” in ten languages

Berkeley, California.  A little city that plays a big role in research, public service, music, theater, food and more.  You encounter and meet people from all ages and walks of life – speaking many languages.

The words “thank you” go a long way in the hospitality industry (and in life).  Below, we share how to say those special words in ten languages.  Maybe you can delight someone soon by saying a “thank you” in their native tongue.

DANISH – tak (tahg)

FRENCH – merci

GERMAN – danke

HAWAIIAN – mahalo (ma-HA-lo)

ITALIAN – grazie (GRAHT-tsyeh)

JAPANESE – arigatô (ah-ree-GAH-toh)

LEBANESE – choukrane

SPANISH – gracias (GRAH-syahs)

SWEDISH – tack

THAI – kop khun


Cajun Bon Times

The Berkeley City Club is a bustling place for members and non-members to enjoy.

Consider joining us for “Cajun Bon Times” on Sunday, November 9th, 2014, from 11:30 am – 2:30pm, on the Terrace.  The afternoon is sure to be a crowd pleaser with good wine, live music and great food.

For a cover charge of $5 for members and $10 for non-members, you can sip on a glass of Kermit Lynch wine and enjoy live music by Mitch Polzak.

If you come hungry, plan to leave even happier by adding on a bowl of warm gumbo filled with chicken, Andouille sausage, crab and shrimp, all for $10, or enjoy some oysters on the half shell for $2.50 each.

As all good things must come to an end, we are ending them on a sweet note, with a southern tradition of bread pudding for dessert.  Add it on for only $5 and you won’t be sorry. Food by Chef Alaun always leaves our tummies happy.

Can’t wait any longer to tell us you are on your way?

Book on Eventbrite to secure your reservation.

And, as they say in Louisiana, Laissez les bons temps rouler!

(Let the good times roll!)

Cajun Luncheon - FINAL

a concept photo shoot

The Berkeley City Club has long been a place to celebrate beautiful things over its 84 years of existence.  People of all ages seem to fall in love with our grand architecture, lush courtyards and flowing floor plan.  It is often described as this “hidden gem”  that seems to inspire so many with each visit into its grandeur.

This July, a concept photo shoot was done at the Club and the results were stunning.

“What is a concept photo shoot?”

Concept shoots allow photographers to showcase what they would like to capture, as well as show clients their specific style.


Concept shoots, in turn, allow the client to draw inspiration for their wedding, event, party or fabulous soiree!

 Image by Desiree Nguyen / Delighted Images


Or, to gain inspiration for all things beautiful – including hair, makeup, jewelry and flowers…



Or, ideas for a beautiful dress to wear for your grand entrance…



Or, to just have beautiful images taken somewhere near lush green landscaping…



Or, to be in the presence of timeless, treasured architecture


Drawing inspiration is can be fun, enlightening and helpful.

A “thank you” to Desiree Nguyen at Delighted Images for these great shots captured.  Beautiful photography is always a pleasure to work with and share!

If we can assist you in planning a future event at the Club, please reach out to our Events Team at events@berkeleycityclub.com or via phone at 510.280.1532.

Exploring the Little Castle

Perhaps this summer you have a getaway to Berkeley planned, and if you don’t, consider staying with us and taking in some of the treasures of our beautiful building.  

The journey begins right past our front doors. 


The beauty continues in the Lobby, with soaring arches, stunning grandeur and beautiful details preserved decades after their creation thanks to Julia Morgan. Her buildings live on because Morgan was a pioneer in the use of reinforced concrete, a material that turned out to be remarkably resilient in earthquakes.

Image by Luke Snyder

The pool may be one of the most popular places for guests to visit, take in and enjoy (this bride and groom seemed to agree!). Beautiful at any time of the day, it should be a “must see” on your jaunt around the building. 


Image by Danny Dong

The Members Lounge is also a favorite cozy spot.  Browse the internet on your laptop, thumb through a vintage book or take in the views of Durant Avenue or the nearby Terrace.  

Members Lounge


And, speaking of the Terrace, we feature Lunch on the Terrace as a Berkeley City Club tradition running every Wednesday from June 18th – September 3rd.  


Wherever your travels may take this summer, may they be inspiring to you.  

If we can assist you with a hotel reservation, event inquiry, membership question or you simply have a question you have been dying to ask, reach out to us at info@berkeleycityclub.com.  We would be happy to assist you. 

a lovely Easter

Easter Sunday was a memorable day for all in attendance.  Guests of all ages flocked to the Club to enjoy a plentiful buffet put on by Chef Alaun and the fine staff of the Berkeley City Club.   The day was filled with an egg hunt in one of our courtyards (and bubbles as a gift from the Bunny!), face painting on the Terrace and amazing food in the Ballroom.  It is safe to say that all of our guests left adorning smiles.

Gorgeous floral arrangement in the Ballroom

Gorgeous floral arrangement in the Ballroom


Team Members ensure a plentiful buffet for all


Can you spot our Easter Bunny?


Face Painting fun with the Fairy on the Terrace


Chef Alaun overseeing the sumptuous buffet


Great Team Members provided warm, friendly service for our Guests


A thank you to all of our Club Members, lovers of our “Little Castle” and Berkeley locals who attended.  It was a successful day full of fun, food and memories.

A tranquil oasis


In December 1930, the Berkeley Women’s City Club pool was dedicated in a formal ceremony.  Hundreds of Berkeley women attended the ceremony.  Decades later, the pool remains one of the favorite attractions of the building and provides a beautiful escape for all ages.

Come and relish in the tranquil surroundings of the Berkeley City Club pool.  Open daily for Club Members from 5am-10pm and closed on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-10pm for cleaning.  It is the perfect place to squeeze in a quiet, low-impact workout.

We also offer Aquatics Exercise on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm.  Instructor Celia Ihne leads the class which is great for your arms, legs and core.  Classes are FREE for Members and $12 for non-Members.