Engagement season excitement

One of my favorite events to see in the works at the Club is a wedding.  The gorgeous flowers, the venue decorated in its finery of linens, chairs and small touches throughout.

To top it off, you can’t beat being in the presence of fun, fashion and love!

Photography by: Anna Wu

Weddings have been happening at the Club for decades.  Each one, unique in its own way, gives birth to a new life for a couple as they embark on a journey together.

As we continue through the peak months of engagement season (starting on Thanksgiving and continuing through Valentines Day), we would love to share in the excitement with you as we share some of our favorite wedding images.

Photography by Danny Dong

The beauty of the pool.  The history of the building.  The understated lighting of the image to let the bride and groom shine on their special day.

Photography by Danny Dong

This beauty was captured in the Drawing Room.  How stunning is this cozy little space for a small dinner or reception?  This couple thought so and so do we.  Nestled on the first floor, next to our West Courtyard, you have sprawling open spaces, and an opportunity to move freely and have these special moments captured forever.

same sex wedding
Photography by Renee Allen

It seems like everywhere you turn, the small touches of the Julia Morgan building get captured on camera.  It is love in many forms – from stunning architecture to the union of a new couple.

Photography by Stephanie Secrest

The presence of love and laughter is alive and well on the Terrace.  You can’t beat the smiles and joy captured here.

Adam and Vivian Wedding (122 of 981)-X2
Photography by Nicole Blumberg

If you are newly engaged, congrats!

Our Events Team would be pleased to assist you with your special day.  Give us a call at 510.280.1532 or drop us a line at events@berkeleycityclub.com if we can answer any questions for you.

Here’s to love and happiness in the New Year and for many years to come!  Cheers!

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