The beauty of Spring

This time of year is so beautiful.

Flowers blooming, trees showing off their finery with pops of color and the sunlight cascading in to accompany the longer days upon us.

Today, we celebrate Spring by sharing some of our favorite floral images with you!

This is definitely a favorite image around the Berkeley City Club.  Not only is the yellow stunning, but it is an unexpected pop of color, amidst the quiet elegance of the Ballroom walls.

Yellow flowers in Ballroom
Image by Anna Wu

Imagine looking through the window and seeing this beauty.  Stunning.

Luke Snyder Studio
Image by Team Member, Darnell Stewart

Or, imagine sitting right here for Dinner and seeing the stunning beauty in all of these flowers?

Image by Danny Dong

Something so lovely about this arrangement is that not only can you cherish those beautiful pink roses, but if you look into the mirror, you can savor the beauty of the space around you even more in the arches and columns.

Lupe flowers and mirror
Image by Team Member, Trevor Johnson

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful flowers and we wish you a happy Spring!


  1. That first picture was one of the reasons we had our wedding at the Berkeley City Club and why we chose Vo Floral Design to do our flowers! Loved everything about both vendors!!

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