Courtyard Love – Part 3

Today we close our multi-part series highlighting our beautiful Courtyards.

Welcome to the North Courtyard!

North Garden 1
Image by Team Member, Trevor Johnson

This hidden gem can be reached by heading all the way down our main hallway.

North Garden 3
Image by Team Member, Trevor Johnson

It is quiet and peaceful and home to mature landscaping and a bit of grass.

In case you missed our earlier posts, peruse on over to explore the West & East Courtyards.

Thank you for reading!

Courtyard Love – Part 2

Step with us, into the East Courtyard…

This quiet sanctuary is a favorite to sip a cup of tea and take in the surroundings.

East Court B

The lush green trees and mature landscaping make a shady spot to relax and refresh.

East Court

Join us next time as we explore the North Courtyard.

If you missed our previous post in this Courtyard series, enjoy it here!

Courtyard love – Part 1

Step inside the West Courtyard with us today.

One of our favorite details is the flagstone.  Enchanting, right?

West courtyard lamp
Image by Team Member, Trevor Johnson

And, the lush green landscaping…


It is certainly beautiful and we love it each and every time we step in…

West Court sculpture (1)

We will continue this series with a step into the North & East Courtyards in coming weeks.

Stay tuned!