Black & white favorites

We love classic wedding images in black and white.

We invite you to swoon a little with us.  Smiles and joy commence.

Adam and Vivian Wedding (91 of 981)-X2
Image by Nicole Blumberg
Adam and Vivian Wedding (480 of 981)-2559x1706
Image by Nicole Blumberg

Topping our list of favorites are the candid moments.

Image by Deborah Coleman
Image by Elizabeth Hurley
Image by Elizabeth Hurley

But, we love this posed shot for a unique take on capturing the group in a gorgeous setting.

Image by Elizabeth Hurley
Image by Elizabeth Hurley

Dreamy, fun and beautiful all rolled into one, right?

We love weddings.  Let our Events Team assist you with yours.

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Happy Fall!

As we close out Summer, we step into a beautiful season around the Club

Fall is here!


The days are becoming shorter, but the light still cascades in beautifully throughout the day.


We just love the beauty and elegance that each room exudes


We wish you a great Fall season ahead and hope you enjoyed today’s post.

A sincere thank you to Christian Peacock Photography for the stunning images.

Terrace Lunch

It has been a great Summer of Wednesdays on the Terrace

Terrace 080515

Many guests have loved the freshly grilled meats, ever-changing options and relaxed setting.

Terrace 080515b

There is only one week left in this Berkeley City Club Summer tradition.

Join us the the last Terrace Lunch of 2015 on Wednesday, September 23rd by making reservations on Open Table or calling Julia’s at 510.280.1547.

We hope to see you there!

A joyful day

A wedding day…

We love seeing the smiles and candid joy present on this special day


You can’t beat the love and excitement…


or this candid and happy moment.


We bid farewell to the couple leaving in married bliss!


A sincere thank you to Deborah Coleman Photography for the beautiful images.

Cheers to a lifetime of love and best wishes!

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