A Day in the Life

Today, we would love to share with you a bit about this smiling face from our Events Team.

Meet, Madison August, our Sales Assistant!

Madison August

Here is a peek into a typical Wednesday.


Arrive at work and grab a cup of coffee to get ready for a busy day.


Begin checking voicemail and email from the night before.  It could be anything from a client booking a site tour to checking dates for a wedding or special event.


Compile the list of clients needing parking in the BCC lot that week and correspond with the Front Desk to ensure places are reserved accordingly.


It’s time for Lunch!  Chef Alaun and his Team prepare delicious and unique lunches for all of the BCC Team Members.


Voicemail and email check-in.  It is always great to hear from prospective new clients.


Prepare for the BEO (Banquet Event Order) meeting.  Various departments come together and all get on the same page for upcoming meetings & events.


BEO Meeting.  It is great to have input from everyone – Events, Banquets, Kitchen & Maintenance share important details and action items.


Walk down to the bake shop to get a yummy treat to serenade a Team Member for their birthday.  It is always fun to gather a group and track down the birthday girl or guy.


Delve into the latest fun project.  Currently, it is a new brochure for potential clients and not long ago it was designing this sign for Julia’s.

Madison and the new sign


The day will soon come to a close.  Time to check voicemail & email one last time.


Time to head out after a busy day.

Team Member thankfulness

On this Thanksgiving Eve, a few Team Members are sharing what they are most grateful for about the Berkeley City Club.


Most of you have virtually met Sarah Williams before, our Sales and Events Manager, who is thankful for awesome (hardworking, diligent, respectful, funny) co-workers,  excited clients, Thursday & Friday doughnut days and warm lunches.

Next up is Melissa Guillory, our Executive Administrator, and go to for managing many behind the scenes tasks and projects. She is said to always bring a ray of sunshine when the Team is in need of support and is seen below on the left supporting the Events Team this year at Caltopia.


Melissa is most thankful for the beautiful space the Berkeley City Club is, a great group of co-workers that give her an unexpected laugh and is blessed to call the BCC her employer.

Madison August is a new addition to our Events Team and such a star in her role.  Always armed with a smile and fresh ideas, Madison is a joy to have our our Team.  She is pictured below, showcasing her creativity on our gorgeous Julia’s sign.

Madison and the new sign

She shares that she is thankful for I’m thankful for a fun position that allows her to express my creativity. She is grateful to work in such a positive space and with supportive co-workers on a daily basis.


In closing, from Mary McGarry, a Front Desk Team Member.  She is a true asset and support to her co-workers and all patrons of the Club.  She assists everyone with grace, confidence and ease.  Mary shares that she is truly grateful for our beautiful Julia Morgan building.

What are you grateful for this year?

Share with us in the comments below.

From our Team to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

Water Conservation: Part Two

Welcome to the second part of our series in water conservation.

Next up, Landscaping.  We have beautiful grounds and Courtyards to enjoy.

Our talented Gardener, Darnell, putting his beautiful touches on the West Courtyard.

Since many of our plants are mature with deep roots they can handle receiving less water.

Northeast Garden

Thick layers of mulch have been added to the gardens, to hold in moisture, and use less water.


Where possible, some plants have been fitted with their own drip irrigation at the base so that no water is wasted.

The length and frequency of watering has been reduced as well.
IMG_0059We also take advantage of many shady areas, thus allowing us to water less.

We hope you enjoyed peeking at our Courtyards and hearing about what we are doing to conserve water.

Do you have any ideas to share with us to possibly use in our Courtyards & Gardens?

Please share them in the comments below.

Water Conservation: Part One

In today’s times of a severe California drought, we all want to do our best to conserve water.

Our water conservation series will touch on what various departments of the Club are doing to execute a saving mindset.

A clean space begins with our Housekeeping Team.


This hard working group of ladies maintains our 35 hotel rooms and common areas throughout.


As a commitment to conservation, placards are placed in each hotel room to give guests the option to not wash bed sheets daily and to reuse towels during their stay.


We invite you to share any ideas you may have for hotel water conservation in the comments.

Future posts to come on what other departments are doing to conserve our precious resource.

Meet our Director of Events

Meet one of our newest Team Members – our Director of Events, Ashley Patrick.

Ashley Patrick

Ashley is a newcomer to the Bay Area, bringing her southern charm and expertise all the way from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ashley comes to us armed with a wealth of knowledge on all things hospitality, events and marketing, as they have been the forefront of her career for the past eight years.

We think the Berkeley City Club is the perfect new place to call her professional home.  After all, she has combined her passion for food, weddings and event planning into one.

In the day-to-day, Ashley works closely with Team Members in various departments – from food & beverage, to maintenance, operations and marketing – to ensure the flawless delivery of events from start to finish.

If you are considering an event with us, know that Ashley and her team are working behind the scenes to make it truly memorable for you and your guests.


A Day in the Life

The fast-paced days (and sometimes nights) of a Sales & Events Manager are many parts exciting, with (a plethora) of details and a lot of hard work.


Step into a typical Thursday with Team Member, Sarah Williams, who got her start in the industry by volunteering her time and energy (free of charge) to learn the ropes, because sometimes the very best experience comes in just putting yourself out there!


A bright and early start.  Arrive to an inbox of emails (usually 15-20) and phone messages.

Most of the morning is spent responding to emails and phone calls, creating contracts and inputting information to BEO’s, (a Banquet Event Order is a document that outlines the details of your event).

It is also time to create requested floor plans or gather information to send back to the client.


Site tour.  We do all sorts of events – parties, weddings, memorials (and more!)

Image by Anna Wu
Image by Anna Wu


Lunch.  A great time to recharge.  The Kitchen prepares your choice of a hot (or cold) meal.


Meeting with the Banquets Manager and Banquet Captain to go over upcoming events


Managers Meeting.  An hour of connecting with other departments and how we all come together as a whole.  Fast paced and informative!


BCC_vaulted.entrance_CYMK (1)

(Another) Site tour, because, well, the venue is beautiful and lots of prospective clients are excited to see it.


Respond to missed messages and new emails


Executive Chef Alaun Grimaud

Check on set-up for the evenings events.  It could be anything from a Member Mixer to a celebratory dinner or wine reception.


The busy day is about to come to a close.  Sometimes staying late is necessary to greet a client with a smile and a handshake.