Water Conservation: Part Two

Welcome to the second part of our series in water conservation.

Next up, Landscaping.  We have beautiful grounds and Courtyards to enjoy.


Our talented Gardener, Darnell, putting his beautiful touches on the West Courtyard.

Since many of our plants are mature with deep roots they can handle receiving less water.

Northeast Garden

Thick layers of mulch have been added to the gardens, to hold in moisture, and use less water.


Where possible, some plants have been fitted with their own drip irrigation at the base so that no water is wasted.

The length and frequency of watering has been reduced as well.
IMG_0059We also take advantage of many shady areas, thus allowing us to water less.

We hope you enjoyed peeking at our Courtyards and hearing about what we are doing to conserve water.

Do you have any ideas to share with us to possibly use in our Courtyards & Gardens?

Please share them in the comments below.

#LoveWins at The Berkeley City Club

In celebration of “our love is equal” (Jim Obergefell, lead plaintiff) and the Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling last week, we have a lovely gift to share with all future couples.

We wish all couples the warmest of congratulations!



Enjoy a complimentary champagne toast on your special day, with joy from the Team at the Berkeley City Club!

To take advantage of this special offer, contact our Events Team at 510.280.1532 or events@berkeleycityclub.com.

Restrictions may apply.  New bookings only. Cheers!

A thank you to Gabriella Clavel for the beautiful images

Water Conservation: Part One

In today’s times of a severe California drought, we all want to do our best to conserve water.

Our water conservation series will touch on what various departments of the Club are doing to execute a saving mindset.

A clean space begins with our Housekeeping Team.


This hard working group of ladies maintains our 35 hotel rooms and common areas throughout.


As a commitment to conservation, placards are placed in each hotel room to give guests the option to not wash bed sheets daily and to reuse towels during their stay.


We invite you to share any ideas you may have for hotel water conservation in the comments.

Future posts to come on what other departments are doing to conserve our precious resource.

Our beautiful Pool

If there is a “must see” when you visit the Berkeley City Club, it is the Pool.

Complete with an observation deck, you can bask in the beauty from up above.

Pool3 - David Bunnell

An architectural masterpiece of its time, the pool is one of the most beautiful in the Bay Area.

Pool - David Bunnell

We invite you to take a “up close and personal” peek at the hand-laid tile…


Can you imagine the attention to detail (and time) a task of this magnitude took?


What is equally amazing is the entire building was completed in just 11 months.

We wish you a relaxing summer!

June brides

June is in full swing at the Berkeley City Club, with the most popular month for weddings here.

We love this time of year — love in the air, with happiness and beauty all around.


Image by Anna Wu

A cheerful family with all smiles on the big day…


Image by Anna Wu

Here’s to all the June brides out there…

Adam and Vivian Wedding (555 of 981)-X2

Image by Nicole Blumberg

For it is said…

   “When you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life.”

Meet our Director of Events

Meet one of our newest Team Members – our Director of Events, Ashley Patrick.

Ashley Patrick

Ashley is a newcomer to the Bay Area, bringing her southern charm and expertise all the way from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ashley comes to us armed with a wealth of knowledge on all things hospitality, events and marketing, as they have been the forefront of her career for the past eight years.

We think the Berkeley City Club is the perfect new place to call her professional home.  After all, she has combined her passion for food, weddings and event planning into one.

In the day-to-day, Ashley works closely with Team Members in various departments – from food & beverage, to maintenance, operations and marketing – to ensure the flawless delivery of events from start to finish.

If you are considering an event with us, know that Ashley and her team are working behind the scenes to make it truly memorable for you and your guests.


Beauty in black & white

We love taking in beautiful images from around the Club.

Old and new, with people or none, great photography is always a treat for the eyes.

A favorite thing of many is the natural light the building possesses.


Top it off with these stunning windows throughout and you have perfection.


Julia Morgan, you have a little piece of our heart with these arched ceilings…


Just beautiful if you ask us…


Do you have a favorite to see – the windows or the arches (or all of it?)

Let us know in the comments below.

Images featured by Christian Peacock

Beauty in the details

One of the comments we hear most is how much people love our beautiful architecture.

Needless to say, we wholeheartedly agree!

How pretty is the handrail to our main entrance and the etching into the concrete?

lynds bldg 2

A favorite part of the first floor are the high, arched ceilings.

Luke Snyder Studio

And, another shot because it is stunning…


An architectural masterpiece and beautifully maintained since 1930.


Thank you Julia Morgan!  You continue to leave many in awe of your lasting legacy.

Love for our Pool

If there is something that everyone who visits the Berkeley City Club wants to see, it is our Pool.

In case you have not taken in this Julia Morgan masterpiece in real life, it is a sight to see.

Swim Picture CMYK

Image by David Bunnell

Upon our opening in 1929, and for many decades following, the pool has been a place for water-lovers of all walks of life to enjoy.


We love the views of the Courtyard and all of the natural light…


It is safe to say the pool is adored by many.

We love this image of a bride & groom in the space as a member looks on…

md_135 (2)

Image by Anna Wu Photography

The pool is open exclusively to Club members and Hotel guests.

It is open daily, 5am – 10pm, and closed Wednesday evenings from 7pm – 10pm for cleaning.

Have you seen the pool in person?  What do you love most about it?

A quaint hotel

Is a unique getaway in an architectural masterpiece calling your name?


Tucked away on floors 3 – 6 of our stately building are cozy hotel rooms that used to serve as residences for women of the Berkeley Women’s City Club.


Vintage Berkeley Women’s City Club image

For some, it was a quiet oasis, others simply relished in engaging in the life around them.

Today, thirty-five of these rooms exist just for you…

The cozy bed and soft sheets envelope you in for a restful nights sleep


Image by Matt O’Brien

and the natural light is perfect to enliven you upon waking.


Image by Matt O’Brien

Before you bid us farewell, enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast from 7-10am.


Reach out to our team at 510.848.7800 or reservations@berkeleycityclub.com for assistance.